2020 – and beyond

2020 – and beyond

Well what a strange year this has been for everyone. it started out so promisingly for us – more bookings than any other year, so we had tentatively planned a few upgrades for when we would visit ourselves in May, August and October. But as they say, so much for the best laid plans of…

Happy Christmas from Oystercatchers

Happy Christmas from Oystercatchers

Of all our visitors I have to say that the unexpected one on Christmas Day was probably the most welcome. One of the reasons that we ever came to Skye was because we loved taking our kayaks out to see the wildlife on the West Coast of Scotland. I count it as a successful holiday…

A Trip Around the Cottage

A Trip Around the Cottage

Heading towards 2020

Heading towards 2020

As we are heading rapidly towards Christmas and the New Year, I wanted to look back on what we achieved in 2019. We managed to complete the upstairs bathroom – still with its wonderful views towards the Applecross Peninsula; we started the re-furbishing of the downstairs bathroom – extending the tiling (and we have more…


A Perfect Day?

What’s a perfect day?  Well I’m sure you all have your own ideas about that, but mine came pretty close this Easter at Oystercatchers. Got up at a sensible holiday time – checked out view from bedroom window – perfect. Padded downstairs swathed in new luxurious bathsheet.  Great shower in the downstairs bathroom – hot…


Utterly Otterly

2018 may be the Chinese Year of the Dog, but here at Oystercatchers it is the Year of the Otter.  We have decided to support the International Otter Survival Fund as our charity of choice for the year.  These delightful little creatures in a way lead us to this house.  As a child I adored…


A Paradise for Photographers

One of the great things about visiting Oystercatchers (or any of the rest of the Island of Skye to be honest) is the plethora of objects or views that are just crying out to be photographed. I still think the best view in the house is that from the upstairs bathroom.  I have taken countless…


Back to Business 2017 in a Nutshell

2017 was a good year for us at Oystercatchers.  I have sadly neglected this blog in favour of posting a lot more on Facebook and Twitter and we have begun to make a foray into Instagram, but I need to chase the teenager up on that one!  Please go to Oystercatchers Cottage (@oystercatchers1422) to see some of the…


A Letter to our Guests

Season’s Greetings from Oystercatchers We hope you enjoyed your stay at Oystercatchers in 2016.  We are continuing to upgrade the property and to that end we have re-painted the outside, created a wood store in the garden, replaced the food processor and put in a new light fitting in the sitting room. We have improvements…


What a Difference a Day Makes

This has not been a wonderful Summer as far as the weather is concerned, but we have managed to get most of the outside of the house painted and should get the rest done before we leave at the end of next week.  Grey skies have now given way to blue and we’ve been out…