Well, we are a four star property, so we have been upgrading the furniture over the winter.  This has resulted in a new dining suite and other additions to the kitchen; new oak furniture in the downstairs bedroom; replaced furniture and new soft furnishings in the sitting room; and improved lighting in all downstairs rooms, as well as in the master bedroom.

We have installed full glass splashbacks in the kitchen and supplied a new  Royal Doulton dinner service for those who wish to experience fine dining while on holiday.  We’ve made plenty of attempts at this ourselves!

In addition we have re-painted everywhere inside, less the upstairs bathroom which had been done more recently and still requires some plumbing work.  I did manage to get most of the paint on the walls, but was not 100% successful in this.

We are very proud of these upgrades and have also been working hard at improving the outside appearance of the Cottage as well.  (The teenagers may well find themselves employed as house painters over the Easter holidays if it is warm enough!)  There is work in progress on access to the top garden; a new shed is being made from scratch to take garden tools to the rear of the house; there are new plants battling with the local sheep for survival (we will defeat them somehow).

Upgrades and paint mishaps