Of all our visitors I have to say that the unexpected one on Christmas Day was probably the most welcome. One of the reasons that we ever came to Skye was because we loved taking our kayaks out to see the wildlife on the West Coast of Scotland. I count it as a successful holiday if we get one glimpse of an otter on our little expeditions from Oystercatchers and in 2018 we were lucky enough to watch one from the bottom of the garden, but the cameras we had were just not up to getting any decent pictures.

Step One – buy a decent camera ✔

Step 2 – learn to use it (ongoing)

Step 3 – wait for wildlife to appear ✔

So there we were on Christmas morning, glass of something vaguely alcoholic in hand when I happened to glance out of the window and fairly incoherently managed to communicate that there was an otter in the Ob just at the bottom of the garden. So out we tumbled, cameras and binoculars in hand. Now I will be the first to admit that these are not wonderful photographs, but the pleasure we got from watching this chap for the best part of an hour, just 20 m away from us, more than made up for the resultant slightly over-cooked turkey.

Happy Christmas from Oystercatchers