What’s it like running your own business then? Must be OK as you get to go up for holidays 3 times a year…

Well we spent much of this “holiday” at Oystercatchers weeding the drive, the path and the area around the garden seat – apologies to all of those who had to park in a field; cleaning gutters; moving logs from the drive to the wood shed and stacking them; setting up the bird feeders (but first make your artificial tree!) – good news: siskins, gold finches, one baby robin, chaffinches, sparrows; medium news: entertaining hooded crows with their demanding babies – not really affected by our little bird feeders – although they didn’t like my attempt to re-plant the wall – but they are very amusing when the babies start shouting for more at the bottom of the garden; bad news: starlings…hundreds of them – noisily chasing off all the little birds and grabbing all the food for themselves.

What else? Oh, mending the wall where the sheep had decided to clamber over or scratch themselves; digging out half a ton of dock leaves from the top garden, some huge iris “roots” and doing some drainage; bit of painting; bit of repairing; bit of grass-sowing; bit of pruning; meeting with house painter, gardener, the fencer, log man….but it’s still a (sort of) holiday! 

Weather: Scottish – hail, horizontal rain, brief spells of warm sunshine (complete with midges), howling gale – so no kayaking this time. We’re planning on going over to The Croft Cafe tomorrow for cake en route to Duncraig nursery where we are investigating trees. Maybe leave planting any until the next “holiday” as we still have to complete the inside painting!

What I also like about these visits is comparing what we did last time (in this case February/March ) with what it looks like now it has had time to bed in.

And then there are of course these:

June 2024 – our wee “holiday”